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Coloured Overlay Assessments

Scientific research exists to show that coloured filters, known as “Coloured Overlays” can help some children to read better- particular those indicated to suffer from ?Visual Stress?.

What is Visual Stress?
Visual stress is a condition relating to reading difficulties, eye strain and headaches when reading. This condition may affect both adults and children. The condition is related to light sensitivity and can produce distortions on the printed page such as blurring of print; movement of words and letters; fading of areas of print and the apparent appearance of patterns within the text. Many people experience distortions of this nature when viewing striped patterns, or ironing a stripy shirt, but in sensitive individuals these distortions are induced by print.

Is This Dyslexia?
No. Visual stress can co-exist with dyslexia, and individuals with dyslexia will find reading even more difficult if they also suffer from visual stress. The condition can affect people who are able readers, and research by Prof. Wilkins and others estimates that as many as 20% of individuals are affected to some extent and up to 5% of the population are severely affected.

How is the condition treated?
If an individual suffers from symptoms of visual stress such as:

  1. words moving on the page;
  2. getting headaches when reading;
  3. complaining of the page being too bright and the words blurring;
  4. eye ache or eyestrain when reading;

The first thing we recommend is a full eye examination with particular emphasis on how well the eyes work together.

After any appropriate spectacles or exercises have been prescribed, and if the symptoms are still present, then an assessment using Intuitive Overlays is carried out. This consists of allowing the individual to view print (usually random letters arranged with similar spacing to normal text) through acetate sheets of various different colours. Their response to the different colours is recorded, and through a process of elimination the best colour or combination of colours is determined.

Acetate sheets of this colour are then prescribed for use when reading, and if the individual finds these of benefit these can be used longer term and other possible longer term solutions sought. With children we ask for parents and teachers to monitor the child?s reading speed and comprehension both with and without the overlay, and also how frequently they use the filter when reading – without being reminded.

The use of the coloured overlays can help to reduce the perceptial distortions of text that some children sometimes describe. In these children, the use of a coloured overlay may help them read text more fluently, and therefore may reduce discomfort that they may have, which may lead to headaches when reading.

At Dixon Optometrists we are able assess the possible benefits of using overlays using a wide range of colours, because every child is individual and may not benefit from the same colour combination.

It must be stressed that the use of overlays does not cure dyslexia or visual stress due to another cause.